Mental Fitness is the pet topic of Oasis and HCD psychologist, Dr Gareth Furber (me).

In fact, I’ve been pondering the topic for quite a while now and if you see me sitting around looking thoughtful, that is probably what I am thinking about.

Mental Fitness is our capacity to cope and thrive in the face of the psychological demands of life. It is a key part of how we build and maintain good mental health.

We build Mental Fitness through training our minds, in a similar way to how to build physical fitness by training our bodies.

In this 90 minute workshop (typically delivered online) you will learn what mental fitness is, how different people build it, and what you can do to start building mental fitness in different aspects of your life.

Semester 2, 2021 dates have not yet been announced, but you can access some of the workshop materials and a handout via Oasis Online. Those registered on Oasis Online will also get notified first of when the next workshops are running.


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