OASIS staff and volunteers are here to help link you to services and programs relevant to your needs and goals. Find out who works here and what services they provide.


Ben is the Coordinator of OASIS. He is responsible for making sure the Community Centre runs smoothly. Ben also runs co-runs Mental Health First Aid training.  If you have any suggestions or feedback or ideas about OASIS, get in contact with Ben via email on b.smith@flinders.edu.au.


Dave is the Coordinating Chaplain of OASIS. He helps to oversee and promote our many expressions of faith, spirituality and religion. Get in touch with Dave (dave.williamson@flinders.edu.au) if you’d like to collaborate, or explore things related to faith, spirituality or religion.



Lisa is our office coordinator and is in charge of all our facilities and bookings. If you want to know more about the facilities we have here at OASIS or perhaps book one of them, email her on oasis@flinders.edu.au



Ali develops and implements health promotion and wellbeing initiatives for students. This includes events such as RUOK Day? and initiatives including the Wellbeing Ambassador Program and weekly Flinders Community Market. Interested in getting involved in the activities of OASIS? Contact Ali on abarnes@flinders.edu.au


Toh is a Chaplain at OASIS. Toh grew up in multicultural Malaysia and has been living in Australia for more than 30years after studying as an international student at the University of NSW. Toh is passionate about cross-cultural learning, student wellbeing and harmony in diversity. Get in touch with Toh on: toh.ng@flinders.edu.au



Maria is one of our OASIS Chaplains, located primarily at Sturt Campus. Maria enjoys being alongside students and staff to listen, encourage and facilitate a culture of care. To speak with Maria, email her on maria.ng@flinders.edu.au



Deborah is an OASIS Chaplain. Deborah is passionate about life-long learning, student well-being and individuals achieving success. Deborah is at Oasis on Mondays and Tuesdays or contact her via email on deborah.jeanes@flinders.edu.au.



Maureen is one of the counsellors with Health, Counselling and Disability services and a qualified yoga instructor. She runs our Mindful Yoga program and co-runs the Mindfulness for Academic Success program. If you have any questions about that program contact her on maureen.germein@flinders.edu.au


Gareth is the eMental Health Project Officer and helps maintain the OASIS website. When he is not writing the Student Health and Wellbeing blog, he is consulting with students and staff on online resources they can use to enhanced their health, mental health, and study capacity. Email him on gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au



Rebecca is a clinical psychologist with experience counselling students and staff in Australian universities. She has also worked in hospitals, but loves working within education settings. She finds it exciting to see students shaping their life pathways through the opportunities that being at university offers. She also enjoys facilitating groups to assist people in managing anxiety, stress and mood issues and runs our Mindfulness for Academic Success and safeTALK programs.

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Hannah is the Program Officer for the Flinders Mates Program at Oasis. If you’re an International or Domestic student interested in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds come and see Hannah at Oasis or email her at hannah.browne@flinders.edu.au