The OASIS centre is an inclusive community centre where you can:

  • Find community, friendship and belonging through our social activities, extensive kitchen and informal meeting spaces
  • Engage in regular programs of yoga, meditation, English conversations and more
  • Find support and someone to listen to their problems and difficulties with study or life
  • Obtain welfare assistance and a supportive referral to more clinical supports and services on and off campus
  • Reconnect to a sense of meaning and purpose in conversations with accredited university chaplains
  • Access male and female prayer rooms
  • Make use of our quiet spaces to relax and recharge


The OASIS Centre has a number of facilities that students can use during business hours:

  • A quiet space for meditation or just relaxing
  • A fully equipped kitchen with microwaves, hot & cold filtered water, free tea & coffee and full oven & hob for cooking/heating lunches
  • A piano (and some guitars) for those of you who are musically inclined
  • Study areas/comfy lounges/whiteboard wall
  • Male and female prayer rooms, for all faiths, that are fully equipped with washing facilities and prayer space (see a list of the spaces here)
  • Garden area with tables and chairs
  • BBQ

Some of our facilities are also bookable:

  • The Common room which can hold up to 60 people (seated) or 80 (cocktail/standing) has a projector, large screen and speakers for giving multimedia presentations.
  • The Lounge area (although keep in mind that is an open space where students like to study and use the whiteboard wall).
  • The Kitchen can be booked and we occasionally close it for cooking demonstrations. It has a full oven & hob, fully equipped with pots, pans, microwaves, electric fry pan & wok and rice cooker.
  • The Garden area with tables and chairs, with natural views out to the North East.
  • A fully functioning BBQ.

To book one our rooms or spaces, contact Lisa, our office coordinator on 8201 3530 or by email:

Programs & Events

We run a number of programs and events at the OASIS centre, online and also within the wider university. Visit our Programs and Events page to learn more. Some of our programs you can just rock up, whilst for others you will need to register.