Faith and spirituality play an important role in the wellbeing of many of us; from religious traditions, to specific practices, as well as our musings on motivation, meaning, relationships, ethics, values and life! At Oasis we aim to foster our religious and spiritual identities, as well as celebrate our diversity.

There are multiple ways to engage and connect spiritually at Oasis;
chaplains are available for confidential one on one support.

OASIS Chaplaincy

The Flinders University Chaplaincy team oversees the centre’s spiritual and religious life, offering a listening ear, or networking you in with other university services or outside faith groups.

Our Chaplaincy team is welcoming of people all faiths and none. Our role is to support you in your faith and spiritual journey – not ours. All of the team are trained and accredited leaders within their faith traditions, and together we uphold a multi-faith approach. The Chaplaincy team offers a caring presence to all staff and students at the University; encouraging spirituality, offering hospitality and creating community. We do this by embracing our diversity, encouraging conversation and respecting our similarities and differences. Our role is to encourage a spiritual life within the University. Our key aim is to help you get the most out of your time at Flinders University.

Our Chaplains, as well as our multi-faith liaisons are available for one-on-one consultation for your questions and concerns in matters of faith, spirituality, values, ethics, relationships, and the self.  All encounters are confidential. Please contact the chaplaincy team via one of the chaplains. See their profile for contact details.

Many Flinders University faith and religious groups find a home at Oasis, as do programs promoting spiritual wellbeing. You can find out more about the Flinders religious and spiritual groups by visiting the FUSA Clubs page.

Central to the Oasis ethos is providing a place of welcome, inclusivity, and hospitality. It is our hope that Oasis is a place where we can share together what makes us human, both our differences and similarities, as well as our hopes for ourselves and the world. The Faith Friendly Charter describes our approach well.

Flinders University Chaplaincy Policy


Dave is the Coordinating Chaplain of Oasis and an ordained minister of the Uniting Church in Australia. Dave has been a chaplain with Oasis for 5 years, with time spent previously at the University of South Australia and the University of Wollongong. He helps to oversee and promote our many expressions of faith, spirituality and religion as an important aspect of well-being. Dave runs weekly meditation based on mindfulness traditions on Wednesdays, and A Common Table monthly. To get in touch with Dave email him – or pop in and see him on Wednesdays or Fridays.


Toh is an Adelaide based pastor of Vineyard Churches Australia. Toh grew up in multicultural Malaysia and came to Australia as an international student to the University of NSW graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and Bachelor of Optometry. He also has a Diploma of Theology and Cert 4 in Frontline Management. Toh has a cross- cultural marriage and has been living in Australia for more than 30years. Toh is passionate about cross-cultural learning, student well-being and harmony in diversity. Toh runs the Global Connections & Conversations group on Thursdays. You can get in contact with Toh on: or see him at Oasis on Thursdays from 1.30-3.30pm.



Maria is an Adelaide based pastor of Vineyard Churches Australia. Maria has a nursing background and has worked for 20 years in Intensive Care Units. As a chaplain Maria enjoys being alongside students and staff to listen, encourage and facilitate a culture of care. Maria holds a Bachelor in Nursing, Masters in Clinical Education, and a Masters in Ministry. Maria is married and has one son, she likes to relax watching movies, eating great food, and loves to be creative in various ways. Maria is located primarily on Sturt Campus where she also teaches on a casual basis. To speak with Maria, email her on . Catch her at Sturt Cafe on Wednesdays 1.30-3 and Thursday 1.30-3.



Deborah is an ordained deacon with the Anglican Church with chaplaincy roles with the Oasis Team and previously at the WCHN. An experienced educator in secondary, tertiary and alternative education, supporting diverse student communities, Deborah joined Oasis in 2016 bringing with her a passion for life-long learning, student well-being and individuals achieving success. Join Deborah and the Global Connections & Conversation groups on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Oasis lounge. Deborah is available at Oasis on Wednesdays, to chat to from 2-4pm. For more individual support book a time by email on


Religious liaisons, mentors and leaders

Whilst they may not be on campus, our network of religious liaisons, mentors and leaders are more than happy to assist.

Salim Kalaniya (Muslim Liaison)

Mohammed Salim Kalaniya is an Oasis Muslim community contact. He works in the field of IT and has a keen interest in multifaith & interfaith dialogue, community development and support for international students. He is a Justice of the Peace for SA and his JP services are available weekly at the Hindmarsh Library. Being our Muslim Liaison he is willing to answer your queries related to Islam and Muslims. Contact Salim via email on:

Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky (Jewish Liaison)

Shoshana Kaminsky is the rabbi of Beit Shalom Progressive Synagogue in Hackney and also volunteers to support Jewish communities across Indonesia. While she is not on campus at Flinders, she is happy to be contacted by Jewish students and can also connect them with Jewish families in Adelaide for festival celebrations. She is available via email:

Abul Farooque (Muslim mentor)

Abul was born in Calcutta, India. He gained a Masters Degree in Islamic History and Culture from Calcutta University, before gaining a PhD in the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Abul taught at Flinders University in the School of Education and Department of Asian Studies for 27 years. Abul was President of the South Australian Multi-faith Association and joined Oasis after his retirement. Abul served as the Muslim Chaplain with Oasis for many years, before taking a step back to offer himself as a mentor and liaison. Contact:


We have a team of friendly volunteers who help make Oasis function, lend a friendly ear and offer a generous smile. There is typically always someone around to chat and share in your day. They also cook awesome soup in winter!

Connect and participate

Oasis Quiet Space

The Oasis quiet space offers a moment of solitude and reflection in what can be a busy campus. It is used for group meditation and prayer, but is available for personal reflection and contemplation.


Meditation takes place weekly in our quiet space. Drawing on principles of mindfulness based meditation, these few moments help to focus, renew, and de-stress.

Prayer rooms and Friday prayer

The prayer rooms at Oasis are dedicated for Muslim prayer. We also provide information on prayer rooms in other parts of the university. Each Friday the community gathers in the Oasis common room for Friday Prayer.

Multifaith events

  • Flinders multifaith welcome ceremony
  • Memorials and vigils
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Common table multifaith meal
  • Eid Celebration

Faith and Sexuality

Looking to explore faith and human sexuality in a safe context:

Christian: Unity and Friends –

Muslim: Imam Muhsin Hendricks – Via Skype:

Flinders Uni faith-based clubs

  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association
  • Baha’i Society
  • Evangelical Students
  • Muslim Association (FUMA)
  • Overseas Christian Fellowship

Multifaith Network

Here’s some religious organizations and faith communities to connect with:

Multifaith SA: