In a global world, OASIS is about the business of developing global citizens, who are confident learning and sharing life across cultural, ethnic, religious, and national boundaries.  Our international students from over 90 different countries contribute to a rich and diverse cultural landscape here at Flinders.

Oasis takes a leading role on campus in promoting the celebration of diversity and community.

We do this by:

  • Recognising and celebrating the rich Indigenous history of our local area, and celebrating national events like Reconciliation Week;
  • Our Global Communicators Groups which support the development of friendships and English conversational skills;
  • Taking a leading role in running university wide events such as Harmony Day in partnership with other university services;
  • Our Multicultural Meals program;
  • Supporting international student clubs who have a cultural and religious focus;
  • Providing a welcoming drop-in centre on campus where students meet and form friendships and community in an atmosphere of inclusivity and interpersonal, intercultural and interfaith respect and understanding.

Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week marks a time in our national calendar every May to focus on the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians and opens up a national debate on prejudice, discrimination and racism. It helps us to ask questions about our national identity and the place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and rights in our nation’s story.

In the past OASIS has partnered with the Flinders Office for Indigenous Strategy and Engagement to run tours to Colebrook Reconciliation Park.

Global Conversations Groups

Did you know that the students at Flinders represent over 90 of the world’s countries? Global Conversations groups are a fun and informal way to meet other students, to have interesting conversations in English, to share your culture and to build international friendships and networks.

Global Conversations for Students
(Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays with Deb and Toh )

By participating in interesting and engaging conversations (in English), you will get an opportunity to learn about different cultures and connect with people from around the world in a relaxed, friendly environment. Global Conversations is also a great way to complement your studies at Flinders, by enhancing your understanding of other cultures – a vital skillset in a global workforce.

If you are an International Student and are wanting to attend workshops that are specific to enhancing your academic language skills please visit the Student Learning Centre. Global Conversations groups can contribute to making your time as a Flinders student memorable.

Global Conversations Dates, Times and Groups

  • Monday 10am-12pm Spouse and partners – Deb
  • Monday 1.45pm-3.45pm Global Conversations – Deb
  • Tuesday 10am-12pm Faith & Spirituality – Deb
  • Tuesday 1.45pm-3.45pm Global Conversations – Deb
  • Wednesday 10-12 Global Conversations – Toh

We know that the spouses and other family members of our International Students can sometimes struggle with isolation and loneliness as they adjust to life here in Australia.  By participating in interesting and engaging conversations about life (at a basic level of English) in a friendly and relaxed environment, we hope to make your experience away from home an enjoyable one.  This is also an opportunity to assist with problem solving around the details of life in Adelaide.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity.

It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone

At Flinders we celebrate Harmony Day every year with the flair that can only come from our International students!

Multicultural Meals

Throughout the year we celebrate the diversity of our student community with regular multicultural meals using our fabulous kitchen.  Look out on our Facebook page for our next meal!

Cultural and Religious Events

Join one of the many Flinders Cultural or Religious clubs and share in their celebrations, for example, during Chinese New Year, or Eid.