They say, “it’s all about who you know”.

Do you want to meet interesting people, expand your network globally, and learn new things? Then Flinders Mates is for YOU!

As global citizens, building relationships and forming networks, as well as developing intercultural knowledge, awareness and understanding, are vital to interacting with our world.

Flinders University is a proud host of around five thousand international students, representing many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. However, studying internationally at Flinders and in tertiary institutions across Australia can be a challenging experience. Social engagement, developing relationships, and community and intercultural understanding are fundamental factors for student success.


What is Flinders Mates?

Celebrating the diversity of cultural groups here at Flinders, Flinders Mates is a student led program that connects domestic and international students for fun conversation, sharing culture and building friendships. These regular get-togethers are a great way to meet people from all over the world. Other benefits include:

  • Deeper connection and community
  • Reduced isolation
  • Better cross-cultural communication and language skills
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Improved multicultural integration on campus
  • Compliment of studies by enhancing understanding of other cultures – a vital skillset in a global workforce
  • An overall better student experience at university

Sessions are run by student facilitators who create a safe and informal space for people, for connecting around conversation.


OK, how can I get involved?

No need to register—just turn up!

Bedford Park campus sessions are held 12–1 PM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Oasis Student Wellbeing Centre (J7 on campus map).

We also have sessions at Sturt campus from 12–1 PM every Wednesday at Level 3, Sturt Library. (see map here).

I wouldn’t mind being a facilitator….

For would-be facilitators this is an opportunity to enhance your global connections, grow your intercultural intelligence, improve your group facilitation and leadership skills, and gain Horizon Professional Development Award points by volunteering over the university year as a Flinders Mates group facilitator. In addition to these transferable skills, facilitators may be offered professional training and development opportunities, to further increase employability!

As one of our volunteers Eloise put it “The program is an excellent way for volunteers like myself to build connections, learn from a variety of people, and get experience talking to people. I have personally found it to be an exciting and fun way to meet people. Safe to say, I highly encourage all students to volunteer!”

Please read and sign the position description and then complete the application form (alternatively downloadable from here) to register your interest.

For more information, please feel free to drop into Oasis for a chat, or email

The world re-unites

As the world slowly but deliberately heads back to us all interacting in physical space, Flinders Mates is a welcome addition to the arsenal of wellbeing programs offered out of Oasis and Health, Counselling and Disability Services. If building your social network and expanding your cultural knowledge are desirable to you, we’d love you get involved.


About Ali Barnes

Ali is the Wellbeing Promotion Officer. She is in charge of ensuring all the events that are organised by OASIS go like clockwork. She also runs the Student Wellbeing Ambassador Program.