Our commitment to Indigenous communities

At Flinders University, we recognise the unique position of Indigenous Australians as First Nations people, and are committed to Indigenous education and engagement.

Our Strategic Plan, The 2025 Agenda: Making a Difference, states our commitment to: engaging with Indigenous Australians, students, staff and the community respecting Indigenous knowledge systems and perspectives, progressing Indigenous advancement in education, research, employment and wellbeing. Read more

OASIS, Your Community Wellbeing Centre

OASIS is a Student Community Wellbeing Centre focused on supporting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of students. The Oasis Centre is located on the Bedford Park campus, but during the lockdown caused by Coronavirus we can also be found online at Oasis Online.

Oasis online includes:

  • Wellbeing and academic success programs;
  • Seminars and workshops focused on topics such as self-care, procrastination and mental fitness;
  • Drop-in conversation groups and discussion forums; and
  • Live and recorded mindful meditation sessions.


Programs at the Oasis Centre will be resuming, including Mindful Yoga and the Flinders Market, so please keep in touch with us on Facebook and enrol at Oasis Online to get updates on our online programs as well as when programs are being relaunched at the Centre.