Our commitment to Indigenous communities

At Flinders University, we recognise the unique position of Indigenous Australians as First Nations people, and are committed to Indigenous education and engagement.

Our Strategic Plan, The 2025 Agenda: Making a Difference, states our commitment to: engaging with Indigenous Australians, students, staff and the community respecting Indigenous knowledge systems and perspectives, progressing Indigenous advancement in education, research, employment and wellbeing. Read more

OASIS, Your Community Wellbeing Centre

OASIS, which can be found on the Bedford Park campus, is a Student Community Wellbeing Centre focused on supporting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of students, so they can achieve academic and personal success. We call it “Wellbeing for Success”.

At the Centre, students can:

  • use our facilities – lounge space, common room, presentation room, prayer rooms,quiet spaces, fully equipped kitchen and outside garden with BBQ;
  • meet other students from around the world;
  • chat to our chaplains and volunteers who can help connect you to a wide range of services and programs, both within the university and in the community; and
  • participate in wellbeing-focused programs run by OASIS staff.