Mindful Yoga Class


Yoga is an ancient movement meditation practice that can assist in developing mindfulness skills, a feeling of calm and more control over your emotions and reactions. It is a powerful tool that can assist in improving focus and thinking more […]

Oasis at Tonsley

Community & Diversity, Programs

More and more it is becoming the case that Flinders students are spread over a number of campuses. With that in mind, Oasis, which has typically been focused at the Bedford Park campus is spreading its wings 🦅 Maria, one […]

Oasis at Sturt

Community & Diversity, Programs

Flinders is a multi-campus university. At Oasis we recognise this and are increasing our efforts to have a presence at the different campuses. Maria, one of our chaplains is our Sturt person. You will find Maria sitting in the Sturt […]

Flinders Community Market


One of the challenges of being a student is eating well, and unfortunately beer 🍺 doesn’t constitute a suitable diet on its own. But eating well can be expensive. Those activated almonds and spiced quinoa balls are costing me a […]

The Be Well Plan


I am a Be Well Plan trainer. In fact, there are a few of us trainers here at the University! For the last couple of years I have had the pleasure and honour to be able to train 100+ students […]

Wellbeing Ambassador Program


The Wellbeing Ambassador Program has existed since 2018, with 50+ students being trained and contributing to mental health initiatives and events at Flinders during this time. You may have seen some of them present at events like RUOK? Day – […]

Medibank On Campus

Mental & Physical Wellbeing, Programs

Devang from Medibank will provide OSHC services for International Students from the 8th March 2022 and every Tuesday and Thursday seeing students from 10am-4pm. He is located at the Oasis Community Centre. I am Devang Suthar and I have been […]

Mental Fitness Workshop


Mental Fitness is the pet topic of Oasis and HCDS psychologist, Dr Gareth Furber (i.e. me). In fact, I’ve been pondering the topic for quite a while now and if you see me sitting around looking thoughtful, there is a […]

Mindfulness for Academic Success


Mindfulness is being present and engaged in each moment of our lives. It is something that we can all learn, and research shows that it can contribute to improved psychological wellbeing and reduced psychological distress in university students. Mindfulness for […]

Oasis Volunteer Program


Do you like helping others? Want to contribute to improving student’s wellbeing? Come and volunteer at Oasis! We have a variety of roles, depending on your interests and strengths. These include helping us run the Oasis Community Centre, working at […]

Conversation Groups


Here at Oasis, we run a range of specifically designed programs designed to help you improve your health and wellbeing. But sometimes, all that is needed is a good chat with some friendly people. Conversation groups here at Oasis (which […]

Studyology V3 – Tackling Procrastination


Do you procrastinate? Is it getting a bit out of control? Join Dr Gareth Furber from Health, Counselling and Disability Services for a 5-week program designed to teach you the psychological skills necessary to defeat procrastination (or at least give […]

Prayer Room Opening Times

Faith & Spirituality, Programs

Hello OASIS friends! Prayer Rooms at Oasis and around campus are open and we are following guidelines and principles as outlined by the South Australian Government to limit the ability for COVID-19 to be transmitted and to spread among networks […]

Chill & Connect with our Chaplains


One of the key services offered at Oasis is chaplaincy. There are four practising chaplains that students can contact to discuss matters relating to spirituality, meaning, purpose and life in general. Contact with Chaplains can be done by finding them […]