Do you procrastinate?

Is it getting a bit out of control?

Join Dr Gareth Furber from Health, Counselling and Disability Services for a 5-week program designed to teach you the psychological skills necessary to defeat procrastination (or at least give it a good shellacking).

The program, written by Ben Smith and Gareth Furber, draws on ideas from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) such as mindfulness, defusion, acceptance and values, and shows you how to apply these to developing a better relationship with your studies. You can learn more about the program at this link.

The 5 sessions (1 hour each) are delivered via Collaborate/Teams so students can attend regardless of which campus they are at.


Ok, enough history, how can I do the program?

We are currently taking expressions of interest from students who want to do the program. Once we have enough, we’ll organise a date and time.

If you’d like to do Studyology, send me an email – with your FAN, student number and subject line ‘Studyology’.


But I dont think I’ll be able to attend live sessions…

There are also some recorded older sessions that you can access.

Session 1 –

Session 2 –

Session 3 –

Session 4 –

Session 5 –


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