🌟Mindfulness for Academic Success will be running in Semester 1 2024🌟


What is Mindfulness for Academic Success?

Mindfulness for Academic Success is an evidence-based wellbeing program designed for university students, that has been at Flinders since 2018. Student attendance and feedback over the past couple of years has been excellent, and it is back in Semester 1 2024.

Mindfulness is about being present and engaged in each moment of our lives. It is something you can learn, and research shows it can improve wellbeing and academic performance and reduce evaluation anxiety.

This innovative program consisting of five 60-minute sessions over five weeks. During these sessions you will learn to use mindfulness to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve focus
  • stop procrastinating
  • communicate more effectively
  • study and work more efficiently (and with more enjoyment).

Each session builds on the one before so you must commit to all five sessions.


What do students say about the program?

“I experience less anxiety in the morning and less stress related to emails and supervisory feedback, I’m less reactive” 

“I’m more aware of my feelings, I learnt many new strengths to deal with stress and procrastination” 

“I’m more able to get to work and notice/be aware of stress responses and default mode” 

“I found the session on procrastination to be the most practically useful and created the most change for me” 

“The weekly sheets were awesome – perfect amount of info, practical, educational, relevant and interesting” 

Want to read more about what students are getting out of it – try here


✨Are you ready to beat procrastination and enhance your academic success through enhanced focus and less stress and anxiety?✨


Yes! how do I apply?

Students who wish to be considered for the program must be able to attend and commit to all five sessions and be willing to undertake daily home practice. 

Interested students need to complete the application form here and express their desire to participate. 

The next Mindfulness for Academic Success program will be offered weekly over 5 weeks at the following locations:



When: Tuesdays 10.00 -11.00am / March 5 – April 2 2024 (Applications Open here)  

& Tuesdays 10.00 -11.00am / March 29 – May 28 2024 (Applications Open here) 

Where: Room G124, Sturt Gym 

Facilitators: Counsellors Chris O’Grady and Robert Skurray 



When: Wednesdays 10.00 -11.00am / March 6 – April 3 2024 (Applications Open here) 

& Wednesdays 10.00 -11.00am / May 1 – May 29 2024 (Applications Open here) 

Where: Oasis Student Wellbeing Centre  

Facilitators: Counsellors Chris O’Grady and Emily Mir 


Spaces are limited. Horizon Certificate points available (4). 


What if I can’t make any of these?

From week 1/20/24 we will be offering weekly Mindfulness for Academic Success drop in sessions!  

Please join us to practice some mindfulness exercises and learn some practical skills around developing focus, reducing stress and anxiety and dealing with procrastination.  



When: Tuesdays 12:10am -12:50pm Weekly during semester (Just drop in!)  

Where: Oasis Student Wellbeing Centre  

Facilitator: Counsellor Chris O’Grady


What if I’m an online student? 

If you’re keen to join a Mindfulness for Academic Success Program and can’t make it in person and you love the idea of completing the program online, please register your interest here. 

If there is sufficient demand we will run this online!  



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