Mindfulness is being present and engaged in each moment of our lives. It is something that we can all learn, and research shows that it can contribute to improved psychological wellbeing and reduced psychological distress in university students.

Mindfulness for Academic Success (MFAS) is an innovative program consisting of five 60-minute sessions over five weeks. You will learn to use mindfulness to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve focus
  • stop procrastinating
  • communicate more effectively
  • study and work more efficiently (and with more enjoyment).

Some of the feedback comments about the benefits of the course included:

 “The feeling of connection and belonging to group.  In person sessions were great.”

 “I am more mindful of myself, not just others and my surroundings.  I am trying to be less judging and critical of myself and my thoughts.  I try to acknowledge them and put them aside.”

 “I am much more aware of my default mode and hope to balance the time I spend in this mode with a little more mindfulness each week”.

 “ I realised prioritising mindfulness is not a one-day job”

 “ I am more aware of mindful self-talk and am quicker to bring myself back to task”

 “ I feel a sense of calm approaching study. I am not panicked and overwhelmed.  I also am sleeping better and have a better schedule daily work/sleep/study.”

 “the practices were all different so each person could find one they enjoyed – for me ‘comma’ was good”

2022 Dates

There are no additional full MFAS programs planned for 2022, but there is an introductory session on the 7th September at Oasis. A chance to learn about the program and how mindfulness can be used to build a better relationship with your studies. Full details here.


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