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In the heart of Flinders University is Oasis: a student Community Wellbeing Centre – a place of calm, peace and tranquillity. Have you heard about it? Students refer to Oasis as “a home away from home.” All are welcome. All are valued in their individuality, diversity and uniqueness.

Students, spouses and carers gather to connect, to share hospitality and concerns, or to practice their communication skills, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. What begins as a tentative toe in the water visit, to test the openness and welcome of the gatherings, has resulted in a warm, cohesive, extended family.

The Global Conversation groups are not afraid to tackle the difficult topics or ask challenging questions of life, culture and faith. As a mini-United Nations, we are a group that accepts everyone where they are at, with opportunities to grow in understanding through the sharing of varying cultures, faith journeys, life experience and referral to support resources. It is so much more than just practicing English. This is a unique opportunity for all to increase cultural awareness and to learn and grow in shared understanding, by hearing from the lived experiences of others.

Are you studying at Flinders University supported by a Spouse or a Carer? This year there will be a specific Global Conversation Group for spouses and carers on Monday mornings 10-12, to learn together about culture and communicating effectively, building friendship connections and support networks, whilst in Australia. Spouses and carers are also very welcome to join other Global Conversation groups.

Oasis has three focus areas: Community and diversity, faith and spirituality, mental and physical wellbeing. The on-campus chaplaincy team is here to support the campus community across all areas, but particularly in faith and spirituality.

Did you know that there is a new Global Conversation group which will focus on faith and spirituality? Have you ever wondered: What is faith? What is spirituality? Perhaps you want to strengthen your own faith and beliefs and are open to listen to and share experiences with others? Do you have questions about other faiths but don’t know how to ask? Does this sound like you? Why not join us for the Global Conversations: Faith and Spirituality group on Tuesday mornings 10-12 during semester?

Facilitated by an Oasis Chaplain, this group will start as a discussion group and depending on areas of participant interest, will be open to inviting guests to share their views of faith and spirituality in an informal, safe and welcoming space. We hope you can join us so we can learn from your experience also.

There are so many Oasis activities to be involved with this Semester. What are you waiting for! We look forward to welcoming you in Orientation if you are new to us or to welcome you back to the heart of Flinders University, the student Community Wellbeing Centre – Oasis.

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