Helloo OASIS peeps.

I just finished writing an article over on the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog.

In it I look at the 9 lessons learned from studying the oldest and healthiest communities in the world. These communities are called Blue Zones.

The lessons are quite simple and easy to translate into your own life. They include:

  1. Try to move as much as you can as part of your daily life
  2. Find or develop a purpose – a reason (or reasons) for getting up in the morning
  3. Develop low stress routines
  4. Eat 80% of your food requirements
  5. Eat mostly plants
  6. Moderate alcohol consumption in the context of sharing food and good times with friends/family
  7. Be part of a faith-based community
  8. Put your loved ones first
  9. Find a friendship group that brings out the best in you

Actually, I’ll be honest, not all of these are just something you can immediately put in place. But they are aspirational and provide a relatively simple set of guidelines for a happy and long life.

To delve further into the article, visit https://blogs.flinders.edu.au/student-health-and-well-being/2019/01/31/live-like-you-are-in-one-of-the-blue-zones/

To learn more about the original research that gave rise to these principles visit https://www.bluezones.com/

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