OASIS has two web presences.

There is this website which we think of as our glossy online brochure. It covers who we are, what we do and how you can make OASIS a part of your life. It is the website that you would send someone to if you wanted them to learn what OASIS is all about.

Then there is our Facebook Page.

I think of our Facebook page as a live journal of what is happening at OASIS, with regular updates and shared content from different team members: Lisa, Ali, Hannah and myself.

It is a good place to update you with what is happening at the OASIS centre, share links to useful resources and interesting articles on culture, wellbeing and spirituality and share news from our partners such as FUSA, the Flinders Uni Facebook Page, ASK Flinders.

We started our Facebook page because it is a platform that many students use to get their news.


Why you should ‘like’ our Facebook page

When students are asked what they want from their university experience, wellbeing rates highly. Students not only want to get their degree but they want to meet people, have fun, feel connected and learn how to build wellbeing in the lives.

The OASIS team believes that students who have high levels of wellbeing perform better at their studies. So we run events and programs that help students build wellbeing, whether that is through connecting with other students, learning valuable wellbeing skills (e.g. mindful yoga) or volunteering at events to make life better for your fellow students.

Our Facebook page is how to keep up with what we are doing, so that when something pops up that takes your fancy, you know about it.

So if wellbeing is important to you, and you’d like to stay up-to-date with what wellbeing activities are taking place around the university (not just those that we run), please consider liking us on Facebook.



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