It is Easter!

This means different things to different people. For some it is an important religious holiday. For others it is about time with family. For others, it is a chance to lie in a pile of chocolate wrappers in a haze of shame.

Whatever your relationship with Easter, I hope you are able to allocate your time and attention in a way that refreshes, rejuvenates, rewards or rewires you. I’ll take some extra time to be with family. I’ll also work in the garden, tend to the lawns, binge-start a new TV show and even work on a couple of psychology projects that need some tlc. I understand the rest of the Oasis team have a range of different Easter plans.

book I read recently on behaviour change suggested we use such opportunities as a ‘fresh start’. If you’ve not been having the academic year you wanted, perhaps use this break to put together a plan for how you will return to study with new tactics and refreshed motivation.

As far as Oasis goes, we will be closed over the 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) but resuming business on the Tuesday 19th.

We look forward to re-connecting again when we return!

Take care
Dr G

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