I just want to give readers of the Oasis website a heads-up on a cool project that will be taking shape in the second half of this year (2020).

I attended an online meeting on Wednesday with some of the Wellbeing Ambassadors, Student Council members and staff and we chatted about a student-led mental health promotion project for this year.

We don’t know yet what that project will be, what it will look like, but we have a very good team assembled.

We have people from the highly successful Be a Better Human Campaign.

We have Wellbeing Ambassadors and Student Council members who will meet regularly to create a vision for what the project will be.

And we have staff members from designers, psychologists, managers and expert communicators to help bring that student vision to life.

Why am I telling you about a project that has no shape yet?

Because you might have some ideas. You may have some thoughts on what is needed to raise the mental health of the Flinders Community.

What do you think we need to be promoting to the wider student (and staff) community about mental health during this very strange time in history?

What has been helping you cope, and would telling others about that be helpful to them?

So who should you send those ideas to?

Well you can start with me (gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au) and I’ll forward to the students.

Later on, when the project is starting to take shape, I’ll provide some more direct contacts so you can have your say on what you’d like to see in a university-wide campaign on the topic of mental health.

I’ll also be blogging the development of the project on here, so you get a back-stage pass to how these projects take shape.

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