I spend a lot of time writing and talking about mental wellbeing. A lot of the strategies I talk about make the basic assumption that your basic needs of food, water, shelter, clothing and clean air are already being met.

However, we know that for many students, just the basic costs of living can get so high that it affects their health, wellbeing and ability to engage with study.

Here at Flinders we have the Flinders Market, where students can access cheap food, but there are also other food hubs in Adelaide where students can similarly get cheap food.

One is in the city and is a collaboration of Baptist Church and Foodbank.

I was alerted to this by one of your fellow students 🙂

She also indicated that in addition to being able to shop at the hub (you will need to be able to prove you are a student), students can apply for food shopping vouchers of 25 dollars for individual students and 45 dollars for families.

The Hub runs on Monday to Thursday, 10am to 3pm, at 216 Wright Street Adelaide. Flyer for more details.


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