Oasis at Tonsley

Community & Diversity, Programs

More and more it is becoming the case that Flinders students are spread over a number of campuses. With that in mind, Oasis, which has typically been focused at the Bedford Park campus is spreading its wings 🦅 Maria, one […]

Complete guide to Oasis Online Orientation Events 2022


Oasis is a community centre on the Bedford Park campus, but also a growing online community of students who are interested in building community, diversity, inclusion, health, wellbeing, faith and spirituality. The team at Oasis is committed to helping you succeed […]

Conversation Groups


Here at Oasis, we run a range of specifically designed programs designed to help you improve your health and wellbeing. But sometimes, all that is needed is a good chat with some friendly people. Conversation groups here at Oasis (which […]