Oasis at Tonsley

Community & Diversity, Programs

More and more it is becoming the case that Flinders students are spread over a number of campuses. With that in mind, Oasis, which has typically been focused at the Bedford Park campus is spreading its wings 🦅 Maria, one […]

Oasis at Sturt

Community & Diversity, Programs

Flinders is a multi-campus university. At Oasis we recognise this and are increasing our efforts to have a presence at the different campuses. Maria, one of our chaplains is our Sturt person. You will find Maria sitting in the Sturt […]

Transforming racism

Community & Diversity

Counsellor Matt is the author of the excellent “Reconciliation preparation guide for non-Aboriginal Australians”. In this post, he explores healing from recent incidents of racism. This blog post is not about minimising racism or its real and cumulative effects on […]